Superbrand Blog

Superhero themed images to support a series of blogs on branding.

A lot of the work I do is done in collaboration with New Realm Creative. I often create graphics that support marketing plans they have devised for their clients.

This set of graphics was for a series of blogs they wrote explaining the process of building a successful brand. This was done in four steps, from the origins of the original idea to maintaining high standards in an established business.

We discussed the visual theme of the series, and settled on a superhero’s life story. Once that was settled, I started looking for imagery I could use. There was no photo shoot, so I had to use existing images from a stock library.

Creating the images

These were the images we chose for ‘Episode 1: Origins’. The girl was ideal, as there were shots of her in a range of poses.

Then we looked for an image for the background, and chose the sort of rural idyll familiar from the Superman story. This was the start of the girl’s journey to becoming a heroine.

Creating the final image is not just a case of putting one image on top of the other. Cutting the girl out of the white background is one challenge. The plain white makes this easier, but working with hair always makes it more difficult than it appears at first glance. When the images are combined and arranged, there is a lot of fine tuning to do, such as adding highlights and shadows, and adjusting skin tone to match the ambient light.

New images were created each week as the next ‘Episode’ appeared online.

The attention-grabbing images were used on social media to attract readers to the blog. The series proved very popular with readers and led to a number of client contacts.

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