Swindon Night Shelter is Christian charity which makes St Mary’s Church in Rodbourne available to homeless people to stay in on Friday nights. They also collect charitable waste from supermarkets (and other outlets) to distribute to other charities in the town.

The Night Shelter team wanted a new logo and an updated look. As well as raising the profile of the shelter, this new look would then be used to support their efforts to get more volunteers from local churches to help run the service.

An obvious symbol to represent the night is the moon, but I had to avoid the crescent moon as it is widely recognised as representing Islam. Instead I used a round ‘full’ moon encompassing a cross, and tied the text and symbol together with curved lines that suggest the moon’s orbit. The ‘night colours’ of blue and black provide a background for the white text and green details of the logo.

The background was developed to include a silhouette of St Mary’s Church along with figures to represent those who might use the service. This image formed the background to a number of items:

•Business cards which all the volunteers carry to pass on to homeless people they meet,

•Posters for display in churches asking for volunteers

•Pop-up banners for display at the entrance to the shelter, and when the team are making presentations to raise funds and recruit new helpers.