I’ve been doing work for Saxton Marine (through New Realm Marketing) for a couple of years, and was pleased when they decided that they wanted to update their look for 2017. I’d felt from the beginning that their logo was too busy and colourful, so I’d previously created a simplified version of it to smarten up their communications.

Now the aim was to make the brand look simpler, cleaner and more corporate, whilst retaining some of the elements that were present in the original.

One of the key decisions I made was to lose the orange from the logo and introduce a turquoise to complement the existing navy blue, resulting in a more conservative, corporate palette, whilst still looking clean and modern.

I also changed the font for the word ‘Saxton’ from a blocky sans-serif to a serif font with pronounced thick/thin strokes. This gives a more classical, corporate look.

To link the logo to the old version, I kept the diamond, but the wave inside it has morphed into a watery ‘S’ which can also be used as a standalone icon.

Finally (and in contrast to their previous all-blue style) the new look makes use of a lot of white space, which contrasts well with the blues which inevitably feature in the photography used by a maritime hardware supplier.