RTD Electrical had created their own logo but found, when they wanted some print work done, that the artwork wasn’t suitable.

When I was asked to recreate the logo professionally, the brief was to keep it more-or-less the same, and to solve the problem that the blank background was causing when the logo was used over images.

The first step was to create the professional standard artwork that printers need to work from. This means creating vector artwork (mathematical shapes) rather than a bitmap (a photographic image). The advantage is that a vector can be resized without any loss of quality, whereas a bitmap becomes fuzzy as it enlarged.

I added a background and a simple border, so that it could be used over photographic images without becoming confusing, and supplied the logo in the existing horizontal format and a new vertical format that can be used in a smaller space. I also created colour, black and white, and a white version for use on a dark background.

Now the logo is of the standard expected by printers, looks a little smarter and is flexible enough to be used an any situation.