Helen Wingstedt works with individuals to deal with a wide range of issues such as grief, lack of confidence and pain management. She also works with dogs and horses.

This was a slightly unusual project to work on, in that the client hadn’t fully decided on a company name while the project – working with New Realm Marketing – was in progress. Several names were tried during the design process, including The Positive Energy Store, Life Trek and Future Tool. The differing lengths of these names certainly added an extra degree of challenge to the design work! The final Natural Positivity Centre name wasn’t settled upon until the project was almost over.

In the end, it was decided that a simple icon would be all that was needed, something that would represent the journey that Helen said her clients would go on with her. The final design features a path heading up a mountain into the setting sun.

As well as the icon, several montages were needed, to show the different areas of Helen’s work. These use the coastal photography of Paul Dunn as the background image.