The Landlords Letting Company is a property management company in South Wales.

Through working with New Realm Marketing, LLC saw the need to update their branding to meet the expectations of the professional buy-to-let landlords their service is aimed at.

They wanted to retain the red, white and blue colours of their old logo, but wanted the new logo to have more impact and a more classical feel. As is usual, they were presented with three options, and shown here is the design that was chosen.

Along with darker shades of the red and blue, a gold was introduced as a highlight colour. Several variations of the logo were created, including a version for use on white, and a Welsh language version.

Once the logo was finalised, the branding of all LLC’s materials followed, creating a look that will be recognised throughout their marketplace. Shown here are one of their maintenance vehicles, new signage above their shop front, and an A5 flyer created to launch the new branding.