Green&Co are award-winning accountants based in South Wales.

I had already completed several projects for Green&Co (working with New Realm Marketing) when an issue arose around their logo. We needed to place their logo on a coloured background, but when I asked for a white version of the logo, they said that they had never had one. I said that I could create a new version for them, which led to a discussion about whether it was time to update the logo.

Whilst keeping the basic design, they wanted their logo to reflect both the established tradition of the company and the more dynamic, proactive elements of their business which differentiates them from other accountants. The new logo introduces a dark blue to represent the conservative nature of accountancy, and uses a much lighter, more vibrant green than the previous version to create a more modern, forward-looking feel.

Green&Co also have a department – Green Farms – who specialise in dealing with the particular accounting requirements of farmers, and this department was also updated with the new style.┬áThe blue, green and white offer a lot of flexibility, as seen in the examples shown here, including magazine advertising, stationery and large format banners for display at a country show.