Fulcrum Commercial Kitchens, based in Marlborough, design and install kitchens for commercial users such as schools and restaurants. They approached me with the brief of updating their logo, which was looking a little dated. They wanted the basic design and the grey-green colour palette to remain the same, but wondered whether it could be made to look a little more ‘up to date’.

I made a number of changes, starting with the colours. I used a slightly lighter green and introduced a subtle dark-to-light graduation. I also lightened the grey so that it looked a little more silvery, to tie in with the stainless steel that Fulcrum deal with every day. I also removed the black outline which, to my eye, made the logo look ‘stodgy’.

Next, I rearranged the elements, bringing the text ‘Commercial Kitchens Ltd’ into the grey ‘balancing beam’ resting atop the triangular fulcrum in the image. The clients had expressed an interest in having some 3D element to the logo, so I turned the triangle into a pyramid, and added a subtle shadow at the base of the logo.

The text has also been changed. I got rid of the sloping, italic font, as an upright font would work better with the idea of ‘balance’ suggested by the logo. I also made the lettering slightly smaller and gave it more space, which allows the letters to stand out a bit more.

The end result is, hopefully, a recognisable evolution of the original which looks far fresher and more modern.