Diamond Centre Wales is a long-established dealer in precious stones and metals, which specialises in creating bespoke items for its customers.

DCW’s marketing manager first approached me to create a voucher for the Centre which would be given to clients of a wedding car company. Following that, I created a newsletter for them to send via e-mail to their mailing list and a full page advert for a wedding magazine. This led to regular newsletter work, along with occasional magazine and billboard advertising to tie in with their various campaigns.

The newsletters all used DCW’s bold black and red colour scheme, but the look varied quite a lot. As time progressed we developed a new look together, using elements of the diamond in their logo, along with a development of the colour scheme, to create a style that would become recognisable as the Diamond Centre’s. This has now been used successfully for several months in both print and digital media.

The feedback on these has been very positive, with DCW reporting strong responses to a number of these promotions.

Occasionally, the style is adapted for a particular promotion. Although these break the ‘template’, such is the strength of the DCW style that they remain recognisable as being part of the same family.

  • Project Type Branding
  • Customer Diamond Centre Wales