When clients ask for a new logo for their business, some have a very definite idea of what they are after, whilst others have only the vaguest idea and want to be surprised by the ideas they are presented with.

The owners of Adi’s – a new Dessert Bar opening in South Wales – had a fairly clear idea of what elements had to be included (the name and a star) and, after discussing it with New Realm Marketing, agreed that a flat, simple style was the best way to achieve the look they were after.

I chose an ‘American Diner’-style font and used the tails of shooting stars to create an enclosed shape that could easily be used in a range of situations.

The colours proved quite tricky to get right. The brief was ‘mint and coral’, but those are two colours that are very much open to interpretation, and it took a couple of attempts to get colours that a) matched the clients’ expectations and b) worked well together.

The result is a light, fresh-looking logo that represents the business beautifully.