Outstand work with companies looking to best manage their teams, and with individuals trying to plan their careers.

In working with New Realm Marketing, the company came to the conclusion that a name change (from ‘Perspective Matters’ to ‘Outstand’) was the way forward, which of course meant that a new logo and branding would be required.

There were several ideas to think about in the design process:

  • How people work together to achieve their goals;
  • Working without being forced into a system;
  • Connecting people to get the most from them.

The result was a logo which (like today’s typical career path) is non-linear. In other words, a logo which, whilst recognisable, is not always exactly the same. This is seen primarily in the use of the dots which come from the ‘O’ and appear in a range of configurations to suit the format.

The ‘double exposure’ style of photography was adopted to visualise some of the company’s philosophies and ideas; for example, overlaying a mother and child with a businesswoman in an ad aimed at mothers returning to work after maternity leave.