Origin Vets Clinic

A truly exotic logo!

The tortoise and the hare? Well, almost! This logo project with New Realm Creative threw up more than the usual problems, because they wanted their new logo to include a selection of the exotic pets that they specialise in treating.

This meant not only drawing a range of animals, but arranging them in such a way that they still form a cohesive whole that is recognisable as a logo. This made the ‘initial ideas’ stage of this project much more complex than usual, as I had to plan the right animals in the right way before creating them digitally and starting the form the logo itself.

In terms of colour, the client wanted a turquoise, so we added a blue and a green either side of that to give a smooth colour blend, which also helps differentiate the animals within the logo.

Certainly one of the most challenging projects of recent times, but the result looks great.

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