King William Street CE Primary School

A new logo for a local school

As Swindon’s oldest school, King William Street has a lot of history behind it. So creating a new logo was always going to be a delicate balance between the old and the new.

The old logo was simply a bell, based on the school’s most recognisable architectural feature, and I thought it important that this was retained in the new logo. What the staff at the school wanted the logo to reflect was how the school has changed with the times, and how it looks forward as well as back.

The elements that make up the logo try to reflect all of this:

  • The bell – reflects the school’s history.
  • The cross – represents the fact that it is a Church of England school that takes its spiritual responsibilities seriously.
  • The candle – a simple image of ‘lighting the way’, of looking to the future.

All of this is contained in a trefoil shape, again drawn from the architecture of the school building, but also used as a representation of the Holy Trinity.

I look forward to seeing children wearing their new uniforms around town over the coming months!

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