Into the New Realm Blog

Steampunk-inspired images for a Post-Covid world.

A lot of my work over the lockdown period was very ‘practical’: businesses reassuring customers that they were still in operation; ‘how to’ guides for using services; recruitment ads for care companies.

All very necessary, but not what young designers dream of when they set out on their their careers.

So it was a breath of fresh air when Matt at New Realm Creative asked for some images to go with his series of articles on driving your business forward in the post-Covid recovery.

Creating the images

We agreed on ‘Steampunk’ as a style as it seemed to suit the ‘into the unknown’ times we’re living through. It was great to see that the model we had used in the previous Superbrand series also had photos available in a steampunk costume, so selected a few of those and set to work.

Once the girl had been cut out from the white background it was time to start composing the image and assembling the many items that come together to create the complete image. In the first image there are fifty-two separate pieces that combine to build up the overall effect!

Then came the task of creating further images in a matching style, trying to link each one to the content of the blog.

One of the complications of modern graphic design is the need to create each item in different formats to suit the various social media platforms. It takes a fair bit of planning to set up compositions like these that will work as full-screen images and tall, narrow Facebook stories!

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