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Graphic Design: a case study

Launching a new jewellery range.

Diamond Centre Wales is a premium jeweller in South Wales. Although they have their own in-house designer, I have been doing work for them for a number of years.

I am usually called on when there is a special promotion to work on, and ‘Under the Sea’ was an example of that. The aim was to produce a set of materials that would promote the launch of a new jewellery range. The launch was at an exclusive party for their ‘Club 58’ members.

The first task was to create the ‘Under the Sea’ word mark, a simple logo that would identify this particular range. I used an art-deco style font and used shells and a mermaid’s tail to add a nautical theme.

Once that was done, I began work on the imagery to be used to promote the jewellery.

DCW are fortunate enough to be able to arrange their own photo-shoots. When I got their photo of the model, I blended it with an online stock image to create the impression that she was in the ocean under moonlight.

Girl with Jewellery in the sea

The catalogue

Presenting the range of jewellery in the best light.

Creating the catalogue itself was quite a labour-intensive task… but worth the effort!

The first thing I had to do was digitally cut out all the jewellery from the backgrounds they had been photographed on, so that they could be placed on a new, watery background. And choosing the background itself required some thought as it had to be subtle enough not to distract from the jewellery. In the end I chose a dark image of a gently rippling surface.

Jewellery examples

I created a number of matching posters and banners for display in DCW’s showroom. I also created the graphics for the social media campaign promoting the event and the range.

The Diamond Centre were delighted with the way the whole promotion went, and judged it to be one of their most successful ever.

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