Elite Signs & Graphics

A new brand look for an established company

Elite Signs wanted an eye-catching new brand identity that paid homage to their track record of attention-grabbing performance, whilst still providing a contemporary look. I worked with New Realm Creative to help refresh the brand.

Elite and New Realm discussed evolving the name, along with the brand, to reflect the full extent of their services. But with a twenty-year reputation – along with SEO and in-bound traffic considerations – it was agreed to keep the name ‘Elite Signs’.

The logo was already versatile and there was no need to completely change this. Instead, we focused on creating a refreshed identity that communicated creativity and attention-grabbing performance.

Having a fully developed set of brand guidelines ensures your identity is strong and impactful now and for years to come.

We presented a series of Style Guides, each with a distinct flavour, that would evolve the brand identity to offer a completely new look, whilst still maintaining the name and fundamental logo design.

Elite selected the mood board we’d called ‘Senna’. This was inspired by the ‘Retro Wave’ movement and took visual cues from the golden era of motor racing in the 70s.

The new colours are key to the updated look. Starting from a classic red, white and blue’ racing stripe, I changed the white to a cream and added a few shades to create a faded, weathered look.

These racing stripes are the foundations that the whole look is built on.

As the brand continued to develop, we added comic-style illustrations, retro-style photos and halftone patterns to further develop the theme.

As the brand grew, we created a set of Brand Guidelines to help Elite make best use of all the brand elements in the future.

Consistency is vital for building up brand recognition. Attention to detail ensures your identity is strong and impactful now and for years to come.

We worked with Elite to deliver the brand across the business. This included a new website, digital and print assets, vehicle livery and the development of a Creative Suite for client meeting.

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