Darran Grant

A new brand look to reach new customers.

Darran Grant, a plumber working in South Wales, approached New Realm Creative to help him reach more affluent customers. As part of the re-branding process, I was asked to create a logo that would help position the business as a more ‘up-market’ option among plumbers.

Darran had previously been using a standard template for his stationery, which simply featured red and blue text. I presented three initial options: the first featured the same red and blue that he was currently using; the second option a more muted blue palette; and the third was based on greys with a bold feature colour.

New logo for Darran Grant, plumber

The third option was chosen. It features a water drop, flame and leaf to represent the three areas of expertise covered by Darran’s business. Orange was chosen as the feature colour, but the option remains open to introduce blue and green at a later date if the three areas are promoted separately.

Once the logo was finalised, we set about building up a brand style, which can be seen below applied to stationery, clothing and vehicles. We also built a new website for Darran to show off his work.

Darran Grant compliments slip
Compliments slip

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