Brand refresh

Bringing your look up to date.

Your logo has been copied so many times it’s gone fuzzy… or maybe you just feel that it is outdated. Either way, it may be time for a brand refresh.

Occasionally I am approached by companies who know they need a new look, but are reluctant to change what they have.

Sometimes they are emotionally attached to their current look, or they feel that it is just too well known to change it completely.

In these cases a brand refresh is needed to breathe new life into an old design.

Take a look below to see a range of projects. These range from simply recreating an existing logo in a format that allows it to be printed neatly, to a full branding for a group of companies, complete with stationery and brand guidelines.

Gem Security

This brand refresh project, carried out with New Realm Marketing, was for a group of Security & IT companies based in South Wales, starting with Gem Security.

There were two key areas to address:

1: The colours in the logo looked a bit washed out. We needed to add depth to the image, whilst sticking as closely as possible to the original colours. To achieve this we added a second, lighter, blue, and gave the digital pattern a more 3D appearance. We also darkened the orange slightly for more impact.

2: The logo needed to be flexible enough to appear in a range of situations. So we created two versions of the logo, both of which can be used on a white or a dark background.

The brand refresh has now been applied to Gem, CDS and BSS. All three have been brought into line with a matching set of logos, each with up-to-date artwork.

Fulcrum Kitchens

Fulcrum Commercial Kitchens, based in Marlborough, design and install kitchens for commercial users such as schools and restaurants.

They approached me with the brief of updating their logo, because their current one looked a little dated. They wanted the basic design and the grey-green colour palette to remain the same, but wondered whether it could be made to look a little more ‘up to date’.

I made a number of changes: lighter colours, upright lettering and more spacing. The clients wanted a 3D element to the logo, so I turned the triangle into a pyramid, and added a subtle shadow at the base of the logo.

The end result is, hopefully, a recognisable evolution of the original which looks far fresher and more modern.

As always, I supplied the logo for use on both a white and a coloured background.


Initially, New Realm Creative asked me to create an advert for Green&Co.

We noticed, during the project, that there was no ‘reversed’ version of the logo – a white version that could be used on a dark background. I began creating one, but soon discovered that there were several versions of the logo in use, none of which seemed to be the definitive one.

This led to a discussion about creating a new ‘master’ logo, and eventually became a whole brand refresh project, complete with stationery, signage and brand guidelines.

The new version of the logo uses a much lighter green, and introduces a navy blue. The text is centred and the wording is now much larger than in the original so that it remains legible even at small sizes.

There are now light and dark versions of the logo in both landscape and portrait, as well as a matching logo for their specialist ‘Green Farms’ department.

Medical Missionary News

MMN are a Christian charity who support medical mission throughout the world. They support doctors and medical students working overseas, as well as fundraising and encouraging prayer for various projects.

Their immediate need was to simply create a neat version of their logo which was of a good enough quality to print.

We argreed a slight change of colour, and I added a bit of detail in the ‘mmn’ to add a bit of definition to the letters.

I also moved the name onto three lines because the long, thin logo was awkward to use in some situations. I also chose a new font, more suitable for use both online and in print.

G Thomas & Son

One of the enjoyable aspects of working as a designer is the range of clients you get to work for. Here is one industry I never thought I’d be involved in! New Realm Creative brought me this quick project, just a simple redraw of the logo so that it was good enough to use in a range of contexts.

A little bit of discussion led to a change of colours, and I suggested changing the text to keep it legible at small sizes.

And that was it! Quick, easy, and looking good.

To see more examples of our work, take a look at the Portfolio page.

If you need a logo redraw or complete brand refresh, get in touch now to see how we can help.