Brand Design

Creating a ‘visual language’ to represent your business.

Brand design builds on the process of logo design and takes it further. It builds a package of colours, fonts, patterns and photography to support the logo and create a ‘brand style’.

You can help customers recognise your company with a good logo. However, you may want to go further and try to influence the way customers think of you. We call this ‘branding’.

A simple example of this could be the colour palette you use. Pink neon and black give a very different impression to a rustic wood effect.

Experiment with fonts, patterns and photography styles and you’ll end up with very different looking businesses!

If you get the right brand look, it can help you create the right impression of your company and attract the right customers for you.

Brand Design: a case study

Creating a new brand style for Provalido

Provalido is technology company based in Swindon, Wiltshire. Their software allows purchasing departments to keep track of procurement savings. The software is used by some household-name companies all over the world.

As they prepared for the release of version 2.0 of the software, they decided to update their brand look for something more modern.

I presented three options, each based on the style they had chosen from a selection of mood boards.

Once they chose a favourite, there was a lot of back-and-forth to fine tune the selected logo. First, we spent time choosing the right font, so that the shape of the logo was agreed.

Brand development

Applying the brand style to a number of items.

Next, we spent time choosing a primary colour, and then a couple of secondary colours that worked well with it.

We selected some images to show the software in action. Like most small businesses, Provalido didn’t have the marketing budget to set up a bespoke photo-shoot, so we used stock images purchased online. I combined them with screenshots to show the Provalido software in use. This created images showing the software in use, both in the office as well as being used to present to a group. Coloured overlays were used to reinforce the brand colours.

As well as the main brand, I created matching sub-brands. The first, Savings Manager, is the main piece of software currently in use. I also created a logo for a second program, which is currently in development.

As always, I supplied the logos in the easy-to-use .png format, as well as .svg logos which the developers requested for integration into the software itself. At the end of the project, I handed over a complete set of master files so that the company has control of the files in the future.

I was also asked to update the PowerPoint presentation which they use in meetings with customers. By using the new colours and styling, I brought the slides into line with the other brand items.

Finally, I created a set of Brand Guidelines to formalise what we had agreed and established. Any other designer or printer creating work for Provalido in the future can use this artwork and guidance to keep to the brand style.

See more examples of brand design on the Portfolio page.

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