What will happen next?

Unsure about what to expect when you work with a designer? Although each job is unique, the steps below should help you to understand the stages we will work through to achieve the outcome that best suits your needs.


When you first get in touch, we’ll discuss the nature of your business, what you would like to achieve, and any particular requirements you have.

Using that information, I’ll present a proposal that details all the work that is to be undertaken. This will include costs and, where appropriate, timescales. Once this is agreed, I’ll begin work on the design process.

Design stage 1: Ideas

There’s a lot of work at this stage that you’ll never actually see!

I’ll start with dozens of pencil ideas before moving on to computer visuals. I’ll narrow these down to the three or four ideas that best answer the brief.

When these are presented to you, be sure to take your time to consider them and get used to them. Ask friends or colleagues for their opinions.

Design stage 2: Development

When you’ve decided which idea you like the best, we’ll start to work on refining it until it’s exactly what you’re after.

Typical comments at this stage are, “I like Option 1, but can I see it with…

  • Blue and yellow, like Option 2…
  • Bigger type…
  • The logo on the right, not the left…”

…and so on. These are all perfectly reasonable requests, and it’s usually no trouble to try a few options to see what works best.

Design stage 3: Artwork

Once all the changes are agreed, I’ll create a set of ‘finished article’ artwork.

If what I’m creating for you is just a logo, I’ll send you digital files at this stage, so you can start using them straight away. This is usually in .png format, which works well on screens.

If you’re having other items created, like stationery, brand guidelines or other graphics, I will begin work on these and we will follow a similar pattern (though things usually happen a bitter quicker once we have the first part finished).


Once everything is finalised and the work is delivered, I will submit an invoice for the work carried out.

Once the invoice is paid, I’ll also supply the Adobe Illustrator ‘master’ artwork files.

Having these files means that you’re in complete control of your work in the future.

These are files you can pass on to any printer or designer and have your artwork printed in high resolution at any size – shop signs or vehicle graphics, for example.

if you’re ready to start – or if you want to find out more – get in touch now.