What will happen next?

Unsure about what to expect when you work with a designer? Although each job is unique, the steps below should help you to understand the stages we will work through to achieve the outcome that best suits your needs.


Both parties agree what is needed, how much it will cost and how long it will take.
We’ll discuss the project (in person or by email or phone) and I’ll present a proposal that details all the work that is to be undertaken as part of the project. This will include costs and, where appropriate, timescales. This will need to be agreed before work begins.


Phase 3 Design produce visuals which, in consultation with the client, are developed into ‘the finished article’.
There will be plenty of discussion at this stage too, as I present ideas for you to consider, then make refinements based on your feedback. This will lead to the design being finalised, ready for production.

Phase 3 Design's working process


The agreed designs or items are produced and final fees are paid.
Once everything is finalised, the work is delivered. Depending on the project, this could be anything from an email to a large delivery from the printers. Once this is done, I will submit an invoice for the work carried out.